Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Miracle... Or Maybe Not

I have had my own personal Christmas miracle. OK, not JUST for me, but for my family, which is close enough, right? Anyway, my family's money's been not-so-good, and we thought we'd have a small quiet, simple Christmas as we were told to expect. (I mean, with the horrid economy, who's money isn't a bit thin-spread, you know?) And we woke up Christmas morning, lined up to go downstairs, and all of a sudden we see this GIANT BOX, and we had no clue what was inside. So we move it (The bottom was cut off so it could be lifted directly off the gift and all of a sudden we figure out-- OH MY GOSH WE HAVE A Wii!!!!!!!!!!!! Truly a surprise. We even got Guitar Hero 3, Wii Sports, and Dance Dance Revolution. (Maybe that last one was kind of not our type of thing, but it's the thought that counts, and it really was a miracle.)

I love Christmas. I love all holidays. : )

And, because I have absolute faith that you all had one, what was your Christmas miracle? I know I'm not the ONLY lucky one!

Oh, wait the "Or not" part of my miracle. My i-pod is so freaking messed up, and it can't be fixed! What the heck am I supposed to do??? I don't have any money to buy a new one!! (Don't even dare suggest I sell the miracle Wii either.) If there's someone out there who is a genius with technology, I will mail you my ipod so you can fix it and give you my $15 i-Tunes gift card too!!! But that may be one miracle too many to wish for, so I guess not. I'll just save up for a new one or something. Unless someone can tell me how to fix it....

But I'd much rather know about what exactly happened to anyone else, because the solitude of my house right now is driving me up the wall. If anyone's out there at all, say SOMETHING, please!!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

A List!!! YAY!!!!!

Alright, I have just come up with a brilliant idea for a post. Everyone thinks I am all hippie-like all the time, and I love everything, and most the time I do. But you know what, I don't love EVERYTHING, but I don't hate anything. I just have a list of extreme dislikes. Which I shall now list for you in the order that I like them least. (The first is very un-like-able, the last is almost half-tolerable.) I warn you now: I do not know how long this list shall be, as I have never fully written out a list of my extreme dislikes. SO if it looks unbearably long, I am not going to say you have to read it. (I'm just saying I'd appreciate it is all.... And comment! Hinthinthint!!! Comments make wonderful Christmas/other various holiday gifts!!! Hinthint!!)

OK, here it goes.

1) When people are wrong and don't admit it, or when they lie to cover up their mistakes. (Cheating and lying fall into this category as well!)

2) Cockroaches. Yuck! They hiss and jump and make weird sounds and make my skin crawl! Not to mention they will survive WWIII (which will certainly be a nuclear war, and they can live through nuclear bombings) and I won't! They've been around since before the dinosaurs, yet they've never had to evolve in the slightest since they perfected their beings! Plua they give me the creeps. Really, they're so GROSS!!!!!

3) Getting no catalogues from any companies you've bought products from all year, so you can't buy birthday gifts or anything, then you get nine in a week from the same people in December around the holidays, after you've already bought other gifts but you feel like you should order SOMETHING out of their many insane, efficacious (useless), over-priced products because they went through the trouble of keeping you on their mailing list and sending you all those order forms, but you really don't WANT anything from them, and neither does anyone you know!!! Gr, they are FRUSTRATING!

4) Irony. Irony SUCKS, and it totally ruins everything. Irony is the bane of the existence of EVERYTHING. It needs to go away and never come back.

5) Black licorice jelly beans. However much I hate them though, I will never wish them away, because I have a great-great aunt three times removed or something who just LOVES them. So perhaps one day she will come home to find I have mailed her an entire truckload of black licorice jelly beans--saved from all the ones I have never eaten. I shall express ship them to her, then order that they ALL be stuffed in her mailbox. (I wonder where she lives... hmm, issue with my plan there!)

6) Wars, and people who are obsessed with war. And those people (in both movies, TV shows, and real life, who circle around arguments chanting"Fight, fight, fight...!" Sick freaks.

7) Vacuum cleaners. They are loud, and I also dislike loud noises, but not quite enough to be worthy of this list. Also, if you have long hair (as I once did... *nostalgic*sigh*) your hair is probably all over the floor in your room. Vacuum cleaners don't pick up long hairs off the floor, they just kind of let them sit underneath until they decide to quit running, in which case you look under to find out what's stuck in your Hoover or Roomba (notice the double vowels? Is that on purpose???) or whatever and you find out you have to pick all the disgusting hairs out by hand. Ick.

8)How there's a billion names for the same phobias. Seriously, look some up. Crazy.

Alright, enough of that! I'm done now, because all my other dislikes typically fall into one of those categories, or one close enough to it. Do YOU have any more extreme dislikes you feel are worthy of my list? If you tell me, I will possibly decide that I should rearrange my list to accommodate your addition. (There with the double vowels again! I swear, it's all coincidence!!!)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas/Joyeux Noel/Feliz Navidad/Frohe Weihnachten/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Kwanza!!!

I don't care what holiday you celebrate, or if you just don't celebrate one, I love holidays, so have a nice whatever-day/time-period you celebrate (or don't celebrate) in!!! I love and celebrate Christmas, so Merry Christmas! You know, it's always been my ultimate dream to be one of those elves who talk to kids in line for Santa, then pass out candy canes and stuff. Everyone says "Oh, I could so see you doing that!" And I'm glad, because I'd like to be associated with the joy those elves always gave me. Especially if they were nice an didn't be all grouchy when I asked what they wanted for Christmas.

You know, I have heard many many stories of my early days, and i must conclude that I was always very odd. At Halloween, after whoever gave me candy was waving good-bye, I'd say "Thank you, Happy Halloween, I love you!" And they'd smile and say "Awww, I love you too!" Total strangers. They were so nice!!! : )

Another story (this one I actually remeber on my own): My family used to live in a little one story house, and there were my/my sister's shared bedroom on one little side, my brother's at the end of the tiny hallway, a bathroom in between. The living/dining rooms were right outside the small enclosed hallway, then there was a kitchen with a tinier hallway leading to a tiier bathroom and my parents' large bedroom. The den was on the opposite side and around a small corner of the kitchen from the dining room entrance. So my brother and I were always up first and we'd go sneak a look at what Santa left us before we went to watch TV or wake up our parents. (My younger sister always slept later--she was too young to participate quietly). One year my brother and I woke up to find NO presents in the dining room for us, only my PARENTS had gotten Santa's gifts!!! Any normal child would likely be upset at this, especially at the ages of 5 and 7 or 6 and 8, whichever we were at the time. Yet I was merely annoyed I got up for nothing. So my brother and I decided (in a very happy way, not disappointed at all!) that we could go watch TV anyway, because apparently Santa wasn't coming back. We got into the den, ang there, under the 4.5 foot tall Kid's Tree my parents had us decorate, were all our gifts. What did we do? We sat down and tried to find a cartoon instead of all the Christmas music that was going on the TV! Tell me your most amusing holiday/non-holiday related story! Because comments on my blog are the best gift of all!!! : )

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I didn't cry when they cut my hair. The lady was very nice, and she put my hair into ponytails, (my hair is thick enough that I could give two ponytails of hair to Locks of Love. I could have done four if I wanted--twenty inches from each side of my head, but I wanted some length left.) and she was very quick. I closed my eyes and snip-snip-snip. All done. Then came the straightening followed by styling. She did a few tiny feathery layers at the very ends of my hair to give it "movement". Then she parted it on one side, and voila. I was done.

I have decided not to include any pictures. They would have gone here if I had felt that any of them were worth putting up, but no picture could tell you what changed me yesterday. Nothing, no words can explain, or attempt to explain, what I feel right now.I'm not even sure how I feel myself exactly. Conflicted, maybe. In turmoil, if that phrase can be applied. Confused; that is a word which will almost always sum up any of my emotions. However, it cannot show the quintessence of this situation. {Yes, I DID just use one of Mr. S.'s favorite words, then his absolute least favorite word in that sentence--whoops, did it again! :) }

It feels so weird. I can't even tell you. At first I was confused, because I thought losing four pounds (yes, FOUR POUNDS) of hair off my head would make me light-headed. Then I found out that it was my whole body that felt light, like I'm not tethered to this Earth anymore. I can't get over it, because I feel like I lost part of me or something. Pathetic right? Hair is dead anyway, so why does it feel like I've lost my breathing soul?

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I'm getting a haircut in less than an hour. All I can keep thinking is stuff like this:

-I'll never wash my long hair again!!!

-I'll never brush my long hair again!!!

-I'll never fiddle with my long hair during a boring lecture again!!!

-I'l never curl or braid or color-streak my long hair again!!!

-Other people will never touch or complement or mess with my long hair again!!!

I might cry. I'm going to post pictures of the entire traumatic experience. Though who knows--it may be joyful. I'll also post how many pounds of weight I lost by getting my hair cut. Bet it's at least three pounds!!! I just can't imagine.... 15 inches of my hair. GONE *shudder*

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Slightly Offensive or Not?

Okay, I don't know how many people out there have an AIM account, but if you do, have you ever noticed that when you click it open, your status will say "Available" right away? I just have to make my own custom status message, because that one is kind of implying something that is none of y'all's business. (No, I don't really say "y'all", that's just something I wanted to say right now.) And what it implies is that I am SINGLE. And maybe I am, maybe not, but the AOL people have NO RIGHT to assume I am and broadcast it to anyone happening to have my AIM name! Even if they are my friends, I really have no wish to proclaim my relationship status, existent or NOT! Maybe I'm over reacting. Yes, yes I most likely am. Too late!

Also, one thing about AOL. They used to send me all these email updates about most searched items of the day and all that. Actually, they only ever sent me one. About the top-searched DIET of the day. So (because I just hate spam, people who send spam and chain letters: you all just suck, okay? I mean if you start them. If you're just a superstitious forwarder, then it's all cool. I forgive you.) I decided to write back. I told them off pretty well, too! I gave them lectures on anorexia, and how could they support it? do they realize that a "diet" is just another step down the road of an eating disorder? are they PROUD of making girls feel so inferior that they construe their thoughts only to losing another pound, another ounce, another piece of the beautiful person they once were? Then, just in case THAT wouldn't convince them to stop bugging me, I asked if they thought I was fat, and how would they know, are they stalkers? do they automatically ASSUME all girls want to lose weight? are they ENCOURAGING me to go look up dangerous diets where I will learn to develop an eating disorder? Is that their GOAL? They never emailed me again. Good riddance!

I'll have to find that email and post it for you all. It was quite amusing. :) Oh, shoot. I just checked, and I must have deleted it or something, 'cuz it's gone. Oh well. You got the gist of most of it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Burning Bush...er, "Buche" (de Noel!)

For all you non-frenchies out there, a "buche de noel" is litterally a Yule Log. It's this SUPER yummerific (totally copyrighted that word right now) French pastry cake thing that is absolutely AMAZING!!! It's supposed to be a big fluffy sheet cake filled with icing and rolled into a log shape, covered in icing, and decorated in a Christmas-y/log-looking way, but I make mine a little differently. I use sugar cookies and whipped cream. And you let it sit (in a fridge, DUH!) for a few days until the cookies get all soft and then you add another layer of whipped cream and put cinnamon and nutmeg on the top of it, maybe with Christmas themed sprinkles or red and green colored sugar if you want something more festive. It's so delicious, and mine's soaking up whipped cream right now!!! Oh, and it CAN be made with chocolate, but unfortunately I have a friend who's allergic to chocolate, so mine is always non-chocolate. But you could substitute sugar cookies for chocolate with chocolate chip cookies, or fudge frosting instead of whipped cream, or even just sprinkle cocoa powder mixed with sugar (actually, hot chocolate mix works best--hold the marshmallows!) on top in place of cinnamon and/or nutmeg. If you like that much chocolate anyway.

But, not meaning to seem like I'm bragging (but that's what this is... dang it, I'm so freaking selfish!) I have tested that the non-chocolate version is best. In a way that was quite curious to me. You see, in 7th Grade French class, we had a few volunteers make Buche de Noels so we could experience them on our own. I was one of them. My friend who was allergic to chocolate was in that class, so I was the only person willing to make a non-chocolate Buche. Anyway, long story short is that when all was said and done, people told me mine was best. I didn't believe them, but there you go. My offering that a non-traditional version of food can be okay too! After all, where would we be if no one had made waffles, or orange-cranberry muffins, or pineapple salsa? Nowhere, my friends. Nowhere.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh, Dear Goodness

No, I did not say "Dear Goodness" because it's the name of my pen pal-- I said that because I think I'm going BLIND!!!!! OK, no I'm not really going blind... but it got your attention, didn't it?

I got out of school early today (early release for teacher training or something) and you know what? I have no clue what. This post is more useless than my typical every-day post. Not that I type every day, but I used "every-day" to mean "ordinary". Isn't it funny how people say things like that? Not in the "haha, tears-in-the-eyes, laugh my guts out" way, but more like the "that's kinda weird and/or interesting" funny way.

So my parents got a new computer. Yay them. Actually, it's more like "Yay me" because there's a Photo Booth on it, so I can take photos of myself with the computer. Except, the flash makes my skin look all pale and washed out (more so than normal) and you can't tell I ever once had a tan. I hate that--I spend hours and days and WEEKS risking skin cancer to tan, and what do I get? A little bit of a fake-y-looking orange glow for maybe two weeks before it all goes away.I give up. No more tanning for me EVER. The lighter shade of my hair stays longer though, thank goodness. Plus, in the photos (because of the bright flash) my typically hazel-blue-green-grey eyes are an unrealistic Windex color blue. Not joking. You know, I wish I had brown eyes. Brown eyes are so pretty, and I'm seriously jealous of people with brown eyes....

Anyway, I'm thinking about posting an actual photo of myself. Maybe. Though if I do, I'm afraid people will either say I'm ugly, or be total creepers and stalk me. But what's life without risk, you know? It would just be... a bunch of events in succession that a person happens to go through on a daily basis with only minor altercations.

Is your life boring? Tell me about it... Really, I'd like to know that I'm not the only one.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Accents, Among Other Things

I have just put in that lovely new poll on the right there.... Well, you should totally vote on it. I don't care if you already have, vote again! But I have something to ask: Why is it British accents are SO COOL? If you're British, you should make a recording of yourself and put it on YouTube, because I'd totally listen to you for hours on end, I love your accent that much (seriously, I really do!). I don't have an accent--Well, I have an "American accent", which to me is none at all. Sometimes I talk with a Southern accent. Not like a deep-South one from Georgia, just a light one from the whole NC-VA-SC area.

Also: it is totally unfair that French people can't have lisps just because their entire language doesn't include the "th" sound. But I won't hold that against you if you are French. I love the French language, it's the only one I know enough to awkwardly converse in besides English....

If you have an accent or can fake one or can fluently/partially almost fluently speak another language, tell me in a comment!!! : )

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hope I Don't Get in Trouble...

Okay I'm going to just say this: this post will discuss abortion. If you know what that is and you want to leave, you probably already have. If you don't know what that is, I suggest you either:

a) click back to where you came from. (for readers under 13)

or b) decide whether you really WANT to know and base your choice on that. (everyone else)

Abortion is typically a very taboo subject, but I feel the need to know exactly how other people feel about killing babies. YES abortion is REMOVING and thus MURDERING a living, breathing, feeling human baby inside you (well... inside a pregnant woman). As I love all people, I am against abortion even in the cases of rape/incest, because taking a human life is wrong under any circumstances, as it is not the fetus's fault that a woman is pregnant with him or her. What brings this up is the election of the new President of the USA, who will be chosen on Nov. 4 this year. I don't know if you know who Obama and McCain are, but in short: Obama will legalize abortion. McCain is against it and will try to save children who's mothers wish to remove them from life before taking their first breath. I tried to make this as little opinionated as possible, but I may have failed. Tell me what you think anyway, 'cuz I'd like to know how much of the world is in a similar mindset as me!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Epiphany of a Hippie

Yep, my idea to be dead Snow White was cool, except for that the only costume of her I could find didn't come with a wig and was freaking $85!!!!! Alright, I exaggerated a little bit. It was only $84.99. But you get the picture. And it didn't even come with a wig!!! So I bought a MUCH cheaper hippie costume instead, and it was SOOO much more fun than being a princess! (I went to a Halloween party.) Moving on....

Okay, if you actually bothered to read the title, you'll be wondering what my epiphany was. If you aren't wondering, than you didn't read my title and so GO READ IT RIGHT NOW!!! Anyway, my epiphany was truly amazing, and cleared up what I thought was to be a lifetime of confusion. The word "extraordinary" (mean very special, wonderful, amazing, beyond expectations, etc.) has been a serious source of befuddlement for me for quite some time now, due to its word parts being "extra" and "ordinary", as in "especially" "normal", which is the opposite of its meaning, right? So then I started thinking about latin prefixes/suffixes/roots etc., and it hit me in a way that made me literally gasp in front of my science class (but in a quiet way so no one heard) that "ex" means NOT, or OUT OF and "tra" would be THE and "ordinary" is "normal", so it literally means OUT OF THE NORM!!!!! : )

 There's my brilliant literary analysis of the week, as of Thursday, October 23rd in the year 2008 ad. Which I bet very few of you know stands for anno domini, NOT "after death" what on Earth anno domini means, I have no clue. You tell me please!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This Almost Makes Me MAD!!!

Okay, so originally I wanted to be a hippie for Halloween, right? Then I decided to be something scary-ish for once, and I decided to be a vampire. But that was so boring, and I enjoy being original, so I decided to be Snow White. But the prince never came and got stalker-ish-ly obsessed with her to the point that he wished to transport her dead body down a mountain after buying her off those poor dwarves, so I'm a dead Snow White. (Very few people know that the Brother's Grimm original--man I use that word a ton-- Snow White story didn't involve Snow White being kissed after eating the apple. It just kind of fell out of her mouth as they were carrying her down the mountain. And the ultra-ancient version has Snow White and her sister Rose Red featured in several OTHER adventurous happenings first, so Snow White was obviously a phony princess, thus nearly justifying the wicked stepmother's actions.)

Anyway, I thought I was very clever for thinking of that until I Googled it and it turns out a SIX YEAR OLD was dead Snow White LAST year. Grrr. Hence, my almost-anger. So maybe if i can't find a Snow White dress and wig, I'll get a gown and be Rapunzel. My hair's certainly long enough! (Close anyway--nearly to my waist.)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bet You Don't Know THIS!!!

Calling all moderately smart people--if you found this site without help from a 10-chapter instruction manual, then CONGRATULATIONS, today you fit under the category of "moderately smart"! : I want to know if you can solve this riddle. I'll post the answer once I get at least three responses. Go ahead, TRY!!! : D

A man, angry at the world, turns out the light and goes to bed. The next morning, he wakes up, reads the newspaper, and commits suicide. Why?

OK, I know you're gonna have plenty of questions, so ask yes-or-no questions if you want. Googling the answer DOESN'T COUNT! 

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh My Gosh, it WORKED!!! : )

Wow, I just added a hit counter, and it so WORKED!!! COOL!!! So now I can look and see exactly how many people view my page without commenting. Then I can tell you all what total LOSERS you are for not commenting! Just kidding, I would never do that. On a slightly related topic of stuff that isn't really related at all, you guys should watch this video! (And comment, hint hint hint)! Here, it's so funny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pG5dzybHgTo

Is it not THE most hilarious thing EVER? I just KNEW it was true! Who else did? (note: if you have no clue what I'm talking about, you didn't watch the video and thus are submitted to being labeled a miss-out loser for the rest of your life, no joke.)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Please Don't Hate Me for Hating Him...

Haha, this is so FUNNY. No offense to anyone who is a die-hard Twilight series fan, I love the books but Edward isn't my type. He's too perfect. And Bella is just too much like me: klutzy, can't make up her mind, hears voices (jk, I don't hear voices). But really, I thought I had my life copyrighted! And WHEN will the government start enforcing that law keeping strangers from stalking me and recording my confused daily activities? I SWEAR I sent that restraining order THREE YEARS ago! Stephanie Meyer could be sued by me, because she obviously just copy-pasted most of my life and habits into her books and called her character "Bella". Where's the justice I ask you?

Anyway, here's a list I changed slightly and compiled together of ways to annoy Edward Cullen. Because if someone's that perfect, they deserve SOME antagonizing!

1) Harry Potter begins attending Forks High School, and sees Edward in the hall. (note: the guy who plays Edward in the Twilight movie is the same guy who played Cedric in HP#4.)


2) Tell Edward you love Jacob more.

3) Tell Edward that Jacob loves him more than you love Jacob.

4) Pass out fliers for an Edward Cullen Fanclub at school. Make sure everyone knows that a huge rivalry is going on between Mike Newton and Jacob Black to become president.

5) Walk around with a "Save the Mountain Lions" t-shirt and make sure you are in constant view of Edward.

6) Send Bella on a cruise around the Mediterranean but tell Edward the Volturi came for her while he was asleep.

7) When he says that's impossible (because he CAN'T sleep) admit she's on a cruise around the Mediterranean. Say he wouldn't have wanted to go because of all the sun.

8) Belatedly mention that it's a private cruise anyway and Jacob went with Bella, so she's protected.

9) Say Mike found out his secret and got Alice to make him a vampire. Now Mike Newton looks better than Edward could ever hope to look.

10) Ask Edward why did he ever fake his own death and move a whole continent away just to be with Bella? In your opinion, Cho was much prettier. (HP reference, b/c Cedric loved Cho, but then he died.)

11) Go around dressed like Voldemort (with a rubber snake named Nagini and everything) and wave a stick or pencil while shouting "AVADA KEDAVRA! Dang it, first that kid with glasses, now I can't even kill a freaking VAMPIRE!" every time you see Edward. (More obvious Hp reference. Yes, yes, I KNOW technically Peter Pettigrew killed Cedric, but it's funnier this way!)

12) Whenever you order a pizza with Edward in the room, emphasize that NO garlic is to be put on the pizza.

13) When you're off the phone, ask Edward if mountain lion substitute would be okay, because the pizza place was all out of the real stuff.

14) When he says he can't eat the pizza anyway, act all offended and start screaming about wasting money and would he LIKE to lose his Volvo because the check bounced for a very expensive custom pizza that he wouldn't even TOUCH?

15) Eventually calm down, and tell him you have a very special surprise for him. Blind-fold him, and force him to sit through the Anorexics Anonymous meeting when you take the blindfold off.

OK, so actually EVERYONE will take offense at this I'm sure, and only the first thing on this list was copy-pasted. Everything else was mine. : ) But oh well. That won't matter soon because people are going to track me down and murder me for being anti-Edward. I just hate that he's perfect, is that so WRONG?

Monday, August 25, 2008

"Ah, What a Tangled Web we Weave...

...when we first practice to decieve." William Shakespeare. Did he really come up with it, or was it someone else working under a pseudonym as a name then a guy with that name came forward and took credit for everything the true author wrote? Okay, that's really NOT the question I meant to ask. I'll try again:

What does that quote mean? Does it mean we are entirely caught up in our own lies from birth? Or is it something beyond us and all we recognize: a system of complicated misinterpretations that existed before time itself, thus inevitably trapping us forever in a world where up could be down, and what's there is now over here? Is it all our fault, or are the cosmic senses of the universe aligned against us so that we can never run from distorting the truth?

I have no answer, only theories. Mine are far too long to read and understand, they are things you have to see for yourself. Unless you're theories are as hopeless as mine, or else you're too caught up in your own web of lies (or the universe's, w/e), please tell me about YOUR thoughts. I'm curious....

Friday, August 15, 2008

If I'm a Band Geek, What are You?

Some of the people who regularly read my blog (and I'm sure NO ONE does, but whatever) I'd like to explain my absence. I am in marching band for my Highschool, and as a frosh (freahman) I have to participate in "Band Camp" (oh gosh, it sounds just as nerdy to type as to think and say, ew) and learn to march, and play our fight song, and be entirely in step with everyone else. So my long 13-hours-a-day/5-days-a-week schedule has kept me just tired enough that I haven't stayed in touch. But I will now become a regular blogger, even if it's just 15 secs of typing while waiting for an email or whatever. Or maybe I'll try posting once a week, because that should be easy to remember.

Which reminds me: Thanks to Avian Fang, who reminded me I was at Band Camp instead of on the computer! Because really, I barely remembered WHAT i'd done last week!

Also, I'd like to give you guys a link to something REALLY cool. If you look at it, tell me what you think!


Comments are appreciated, all will be answered!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Among my Other Hippie-Like Tendancies...

OK, tonight I was eating a deliciously AWESOME granola bar and I noticed that among your typical nutritionary facts there was a phrase that said "Flavored with Other Natural Flavors". Wow,who knew that the natural flavors of granola had to be ENHANCED chemically by OTHER flavors JUST so it still tastes like granola? I sure didn't! Kind of scary to think what sort of junk they put in foods anyway. What meat ARE hot-dogs? What is SPAM (please, don't say spinach-ham or junk email)? And honestly, do we WANT to know how they get those powdery cheese flavorings onto Dorritos and Cheetos? I'm not sure if i really do...

In other news: I am going to be a hippie for Halloween, then if my hair is well enough pat my elbows (it almost is) I will give a whole ton of hair to Locks of Love! I will be SO happy! Even though I will miss my hair...

So if you have any stories about hippies, the 70s, or hair (bad hair days, good hair days, long hair, no hair, whatever) feel free to share in a comment! I'll count it as an early Halloween present!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Life as Wallpaper (a BlogBook by me); Introduction

I'm wallpaper in person. I am quiet, shy, and totally invisible. I love it. I can be as loud as I like here, because even if I scream not the whole world hears. But when wallpaper screams, we all scream. So I am silent. But I learn more this way. I never get bored, because I know more about people than most of them do. I can talk to you for ten seconds and guess almost your whole life. I know more secrets about you than you, your best friend, or your parents ever could. Secrets you didn't know you had that just jump out to me like screaming wallpaper.

It's not boring as wallpaper. It's fun and i never get lonely. But I like changes. So while I'm not quite screaming, I'm taking in a breath as I write these chapters of my BlogBook. By the time it's done, maybe you'll scream with me. Watch for the first Chapter, coming soon!

Thanks to Avian Fang for the brilliant springboard I'm sure you didn't know you gave me. The rest of you: COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT! : )

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Seeing Angels

To people who don't already know: I'm in Virginia, USA!!! Not telling you the city, but it's OK to say the state because--get this--I DON'T LIVE HERE!!! Not all the time anyway. Because it's against my own morals to give out personal living information online...'cause REALLY, how am I to know if you're gonna track me down and kill me, or put Clorox in my cheese cubes (which I don't eat anyway...) or send me loads of junk mail (*shudders* at thought of getting unwanted catalougues tempting me to buy uneeded products)!!! Anyway, I'm just helping out my aunt and uncle with their three ADORABLE children because they have a new baby girl named Sophia who will soon be two months old, and the older two--Olivia (5, almost 6, will be 6 in less than a month) and Mathew (7, 8 in October)--need to be kept out from under foot and out of Sopie's face. Poor Sophie has an ear infection, and it hurts my heart so much to know she's in pain. Why must such a small innocent child be in pain? My mom says that a baby can see angels. I think that's true, because my cousin is so sweet, and she almost never cries (unusual for a baby in discomfort), so maybe the angels comfort her. Or maybe she's tuggung at their wings when she reaches out to nowhere. Now I'll leave you with the promise I'll write later, a comment prompt of "Can babies see angels? (And if you want to answer this: Can you see angels?)", and the fact that I have NO clue WHY, but I've become aware that Virginia french fries (which are known as chips in some parts of Europe...for reasons I'll most likely never understand...) and potato chips (which I wonder if European people get confused with french fries when they're talking about them both together...I sure do, and I don't even call french fries chips!) are a LOT better here (in Virginia) than in any other place I've ever been! How weird is that? And how weird is it that people always say that there is no exception to the "i before e except after c, unless sounding like A as in neighbor or weigh" rule when they teach you to spell, but in fact, the word weird IS an exception! Maybe that's the reason behind its meaning...And "its" is supposedly the ONLY possesive word with no apostrophe, when actually the word "yours" is too! Man, I'm on a ROLL with this philosophical stuff tonight!

Monday, June 16, 2008

That Picture Looks Almost Nothing Like Me...

Hey everybody out there! I JUST put up that picture of me, and because today is my one selfish day a year, I'm going to ask anyone if they think it looks much like me. If you don't know me, tell me if you think that pic looks anything like a HUMAN, in general. I think the hair looks like me but the eyes are a little too Manga-style for my comfort. : )

And please, constructive comments only! I already know exactly how ugly i may or mayn't be in real life, so you do NOT need to tell me "make the pic uglier/more realistic". That will not help anyone's confidence. Especially mine. Which is already dwindling in a downward spiral to the point of no return. Oh, and please don't tell me it looks absolutely NOTHING like me, because the hair is definitely most of the way close to real life.

Friday, June 6, 2008


i had a lot to say in this post, but it'll have to wait a few hours because i have some things that need to get done elsewhere around my house. hopefully no one reads until then!!!

OK, here I am with still very little to say. But maybe I'll just bring this up...GLOBAL WARMING. Heard of it? Concerned about it? Know someone who's not? Well, if they (or you) aren't concerned, think about THIS:

Sure, this is NATURAL for the world to heat up and cool down. NO this is not entirely our fault. But why is the Earth--the only home we have, you know?--heating up 10 times MORE in the last half century than any age before geologically recorded time? (And geology has been able to record temperatures for...um...EVER. Seriously. We can LITERALLY travel to the beginning of our Earth's life through rocks. C'est tres cool, n'est pas?) So now, all I ask is--WHY aren't most people DOING something about this issue? 'Cuz as far as I know, all the in the world that's being made from raising gas prices will be USELESS when the Earth explodes and we are hurtling through space. Actually, our heads will explode within thirty seconds of our atmosphere's deterioration, so our headless bodies will float in the airless vortex that is all we'll have as a home once the Earth dies.

OK, maybe we won't EXPLODE, but I bet we'll implode or something else catastrophic and nerve-wracking. Comments? Questions? Info? Feel free to tell me about it!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

First Of All...

Hey, you normal people who have found a site of great random fun! (aka HERE) I don't know how you got here, why, or what spirit is possessing you to force you to read this, but that's really not my business. I'm just here to say that--HEY! You found my blog, you're presumably reading it, and maybe you'd be kind enough to give some feedback? Right now I just want to know EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE THINKING. Don't worry, just type whatever first comes  into your head--I won't judge. But I make no promises on those rabid hedgehogs. (See bottom-right corner poll for the joke about that!)

Anything you tell me could spark my imagination for another brilliant post! I WILL, of course, give you credit as I am not a plagiarist. (a plagiarizer, you know?) I am also not vegetarian anymore after about half a year...go figure. Don't be shy! Click that comment button! (or don't. your choice really.)