Friday, May 29, 2009

Yup, I'm....

Take no notice of the title. I just wanted to say that. Write it. Whatever. Anyway, I have been looking at my posts and decided that recently they have been particularly bland and effortless. Of course, I tried at the time, but in retro-spect (I know that word's not hyphen-ated but -I- li-ke hy-ph-en-szszszszs.) they are much like the Saltine crackers of my blog. Nice in their own right, for a while at least, but many more of them and my raving, rabid, rabies (whoops, not that one, sorry!) readers would really retaliate reprehensibly. Is that enough "r"-starting-with words for you? It was for me, I never want to use an "r" again--they now make me feel rather (dang it, there's two... shoot, one more... NNNOOOOOO!!! they're entirely unavoidabler than I thought!!!) nauseous. It'll pass though.

Anyway, I was just thinking today about how silly it is that the closer you get to the end of the school year (June fourth for me, YAY.) the more teachers seem to insist upon giving you one final project, test, homework assignment, chapter to read, whatever. And I just want to know (perfectly truly and honestly): WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM??? Why am I not allowed to relax in my final days before the half toil/half freeness of summer comes about and I am once again left at home six days a week with only a rabbit for company? WHY?

But that's not why I was writing. I was simply going to tell anyone who cares that I am not going to bother tanning this summer, because it just winds up groty and peeling by three days later, no matter how well it looked first off. And, in other news: the first ice cream truck of the year came around today. I never knew they still existed before I moved here six years ago. I was always so happy, even though I only ever bought one popsicle from one of them once, because the music sounded like wind-chimes and magic and happiness. Today, it sounded like a broken, worn-out music box. Why do things change on me like that?

That was going to be all--that tiny bit I just wrote directly above, skipping the first two parts. But if I'd stopped after that, this would have just been another plain old Saltine then, wouldn't it? Welcome back, old posting style! I missed you! (Yeah, those last two exclamations there.... They were me talking to my style of writing. And I am glad I said it, for it shall never feel under-appreciated again.)