Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Life as Wallpaper (a BlogBook by me); Introduction

I'm wallpaper in person. I am quiet, shy, and totally invisible. I love it. I can be as loud as I like here, because even if I scream not the whole world hears. But when wallpaper screams, we all scream. So I am silent. But I learn more this way. I never get bored, because I know more about people than most of them do. I can talk to you for ten seconds and guess almost your whole life. I know more secrets about you than you, your best friend, or your parents ever could. Secrets you didn't know you had that just jump out to me like screaming wallpaper.

It's not boring as wallpaper. It's fun and i never get lonely. But I like changes. So while I'm not quite screaming, I'm taking in a breath as I write these chapters of my BlogBook. By the time it's done, maybe you'll scream with me. Watch for the first Chapter, coming soon!

Thanks to Avian Fang for the brilliant springboard I'm sure you didn't know you gave me. The rest of you: COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT! : )