Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh, Dear Goodness

No, I did not say "Dear Goodness" because it's the name of my pen pal-- I said that because I think I'm going BLIND!!!!! OK, no I'm not really going blind... but it got your attention, didn't it?

I got out of school early today (early release for teacher training or something) and you know what? I have no clue what. This post is more useless than my typical every-day post. Not that I type every day, but I used "every-day" to mean "ordinary". Isn't it funny how people say things like that? Not in the "haha, tears-in-the-eyes, laugh my guts out" way, but more like the "that's kinda weird and/or interesting" funny way.

So my parents got a new computer. Yay them. Actually, it's more like "Yay me" because there's a Photo Booth on it, so I can take photos of myself with the computer. Except, the flash makes my skin look all pale and washed out (more so than normal) and you can't tell I ever once had a tan. I hate that--I spend hours and days and WEEKS risking skin cancer to tan, and what do I get? A little bit of a fake-y-looking orange glow for maybe two weeks before it all goes away.I give up. No more tanning for me EVER. The lighter shade of my hair stays longer though, thank goodness. Plus, in the photos (because of the bright flash) my typically hazel-blue-green-grey eyes are an unrealistic Windex color blue. Not joking. You know, I wish I had brown eyes. Brown eyes are so pretty, and I'm seriously jealous of people with brown eyes....

Anyway, I'm thinking about posting an actual photo of myself. Maybe. Though if I do, I'm afraid people will either say I'm ugly, or be total creepers and stalk me. But what's life without risk, you know? It would just be... a bunch of events in succession that a person happens to go through on a daily basis with only minor altercations.

Is your life boring? Tell me about it... Really, I'd like to know that I'm not the only one.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Accents, Among Other Things

I have just put in that lovely new poll on the right there.... Well, you should totally vote on it. I don't care if you already have, vote again! But I have something to ask: Why is it British accents are SO COOL? If you're British, you should make a recording of yourself and put it on YouTube, because I'd totally listen to you for hours on end, I love your accent that much (seriously, I really do!). I don't have an accent--Well, I have an "American accent", which to me is none at all. Sometimes I talk with a Southern accent. Not like a deep-South one from Georgia, just a light one from the whole NC-VA-SC area.

Also: it is totally unfair that French people can't have lisps just because their entire language doesn't include the "th" sound. But I won't hold that against you if you are French. I love the French language, it's the only one I know enough to awkwardly converse in besides English....

If you have an accent or can fake one or can fluently/partially almost fluently speak another language, tell me in a comment!!! : )