Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Posting Inconsistancy = Astounding

I am lying on my roof. Out here under these stars it's like a mountain just for me. This is my corner of the universe, a piece of heaven dedicated to inspiring only my heart. There is a too-bright streetlight interfering with the stars' visibility, and cars rush by far off but sound so close. A duck keeps quacking in my yard; how did a duck get in my yard? Why isn't he over with his little friends in the pond across the way (aka 'the street'). And what do his melancholy/joyous/opressed/celebratory calls of 'quackquack' MEAN? Oh gosh is he coming closer?! It's like he's fading in and out... please fly away from me little ducky I love you dearly but I am terrifies you will bite my face. (Yes lovely readers, this is true terror you hear in my voice. I will run away from that duck, just you watch. No no no nooooo now there's a GEESE TOO!!!!! save me)

But these stars, the hundred or so I can see, make me stall. How can I flee from the perfect night that belongs to me (and Dylan the Duck)?

PS: OK the little monstrous nocturnal 'quackquack' duck needs a name. I lean towards Dylan, Reynold, Raymond, Reginald, or Julian. Julian the Duck. Julian Duck. I think that's a good one. Julian agrees, but he's open to suggestions. How about Frank? Nah... you tell me!