Sunday, June 29, 2008

Seeing Angels

To people who don't already know: I'm in Virginia, USA!!! Not telling you the city, but it's OK to say the state because--get this--I DON'T LIVE HERE!!! Not all the time anyway. Because it's against my own morals to give out personal living information online...'cause REALLY, how am I to know if you're gonna track me down and kill me, or put Clorox in my cheese cubes (which I don't eat anyway...) or send me loads of junk mail (*shudders* at thought of getting unwanted catalougues tempting me to buy uneeded products)!!! Anyway, I'm just helping out my aunt and uncle with their three ADORABLE children because they have a new baby girl named Sophia who will soon be two months old, and the older two--Olivia (5, almost 6, will be 6 in less than a month) and Mathew (7, 8 in October)--need to be kept out from under foot and out of Sopie's face. Poor Sophie has an ear infection, and it hurts my heart so much to know she's in pain. Why must such a small innocent child be in pain? My mom says that a baby can see angels. I think that's true, because my cousin is so sweet, and she almost never cries (unusual for a baby in discomfort), so maybe the angels comfort her. Or maybe she's tuggung at their wings when she reaches out to nowhere. Now I'll leave you with the promise I'll write later, a comment prompt of "Can babies see angels? (And if you want to answer this: Can you see angels?)", and the fact that I have NO clue WHY, but I've become aware that Virginia french fries (which are known as chips in some parts of Europe...for reasons I'll most likely never understand...) and potato chips (which I wonder if European people get confused with french fries when they're talking about them both together...I sure do, and I don't even call french fries chips!) are a LOT better here (in Virginia) than in any other place I've ever been! How weird is that? And how weird is it that people always say that there is no exception to the "i before e except after c, unless sounding like A as in neighbor or weigh" rule when they teach you to spell, but in fact, the word weird IS an exception! Maybe that's the reason behind its meaning...And "its" is supposedly the ONLY possesive word with no apostrophe, when actually the word "yours" is too! Man, I'm on a ROLL with this philosophical stuff tonight!

Monday, June 16, 2008

That Picture Looks Almost Nothing Like Me...

Hey everybody out there! I JUST put up that picture of me, and because today is my one selfish day a year, I'm going to ask anyone if they think it looks much like me. If you don't know me, tell me if you think that pic looks anything like a HUMAN, in general. I think the hair looks like me but the eyes are a little too Manga-style for my comfort. : )

And please, constructive comments only! I already know exactly how ugly i may or mayn't be in real life, so you do NOT need to tell me "make the pic uglier/more realistic". That will not help anyone's confidence. Especially mine. Which is already dwindling in a downward spiral to the point of no return. Oh, and please don't tell me it looks absolutely NOTHING like me, because the hair is definitely most of the way close to real life.

Friday, June 6, 2008


i had a lot to say in this post, but it'll have to wait a few hours because i have some things that need to get done elsewhere around my house. hopefully no one reads until then!!!

OK, here I am with still very little to say. But maybe I'll just bring this up...GLOBAL WARMING. Heard of it? Concerned about it? Know someone who's not? Well, if they (or you) aren't concerned, think about THIS:

Sure, this is NATURAL for the world to heat up and cool down. NO this is not entirely our fault. But why is the Earth--the only home we have, you know?--heating up 10 times MORE in the last half century than any age before geologically recorded time? (And geology has been able to record temperatures Seriously. We can LITERALLY travel to the beginning of our Earth's life through rocks. C'est tres cool, n'est pas?) So now, all I ask is--WHY aren't most people DOING something about this issue? 'Cuz as far as I know, all the in the world that's being made from raising gas prices will be USELESS when the Earth explodes and we are hurtling through space. Actually, our heads will explode within thirty seconds of our atmosphere's deterioration, so our headless bodies will float in the airless vortex that is all we'll have as a home once the Earth dies.

OK, maybe we won't EXPLODE, but I bet we'll implode or something else catastrophic and nerve-wracking. Comments? Questions? Info? Feel free to tell me about it!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

First Of All...

Hey, you normal people who have found a site of great random fun! (aka HERE) I don't know how you got here, why, or what spirit is possessing you to force you to read this, but that's really not my business. I'm just here to say that--HEY! You found my blog, you're presumably reading it, and maybe you'd be kind enough to give some feedback? Right now I just want to know EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE THINKING. Don't worry, just type whatever first comes  into your head--I won't judge. But I make no promises on those rabid hedgehogs. (See bottom-right corner poll for the joke about that!)

Anything you tell me could spark my imagination for another brilliant post! I WILL, of course, give you credit as I am not a plagiarist. (a plagiarizer, you know?) I am also not vegetarian anymore after about half a year...go figure. Don't be shy! Click that comment button! (or don't. your choice really.)