Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life Goes On

Some song just popped into my head when I started typing, so the title is now "Life Goes On" thanks to the lyrics to a song I don't recall all the way that went something like "Life goes o-o-on, like this so-ooong... I can't wait for the world to sing, I can't wait to be happening...." on and on and such. Not an amazingly awesome song, but quite fitting whatever mood my brain is in apparently, or else I wouldn't have recalled it, right? I believe my brain's moods differ from my own.

So, as my English class is going to be reading Shakespeare's classic (Romeo and Juliet, duh!) soon, I'm going to give you all this wonderful little link to the best video recording of the Killers doing a cover of the song "Romeo and Juliet". The song manages to shed a funny light on the whole story, despite the mass killings and high suicide rates. (Alright, I am exaggerating a bit, calm down, I can say what I want! Man, I've never said that before. Weird to do so now....) Here's the link:

And if you're too lazy, or think the Dire Straits version is better (I'm a die-hard Killers fan, so I must disagree with those of you don't appreciate music like "When You Were Young", "Sam's Town", "Human", etc.) here are quotes from the song that I feel capture the most humorous essence of the song and the play:

"Lovestruck Romeo, sang the streets a serenade, layin' everybody low, with a love song that he made; Found a streetlight, stepped outta the shade, said somethin' like: 'You and me babe, how 'bout it?' Juliet said 'Hey, it's Romeo! You nearly gave me a heart attack.'..." (These are the first couple lines. I believe they accurately portray what basically happened in a way that the modern world can understand, with the way uncultured teens are--it's the truth, most teens don't bother with old English literature. Shameful.)

"When you gonna realize, it was just that the time was wrong?" (This is the last line of the chorus. I feel it sums up the whole suicide stuff nicely--the time was wrong, always. Wrong for them to meet, because Romeo wanted a rebound love from Rosaline--if only subconsciously--and wrong when they got married, because then Tybalt died--nice one Romeo! *rolling*eyes*--and wrong for Romeo to kill himself, because two seconds later Juliet wakes up to find a dead husband. Poor little 13 year old girl has to leave her family, accept the death of her cousin, and be willing to foresake her entire country for the love of a way older guy who commits suicide. I sense something wrong in that.)


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day.

You know, this was originally a day to celebrate the St. Valentines of the Roman Catholic Church. They were both martyrs. That's romantic, isn't it? Yet somehow this winds up as the 2nd hugest commercial holiday of the year, and the 2nd biggest card-sending day--after Christmas of course. Anyone else wonder how Hallmark and all the other companies can get away with all this sort of stuff? I do, all the time. I can find no real reason that people feel the need to go buy a ton of material things for other people just so they feel loved.

I'm giving you all something inmaterial today:

Whoever, wherever you are, whatever you're like, I don't care. I want you to know that I appreciate you and that you are absolutely a perfect being, no matter what you may say in your head about your small faults. It could always be worse, and look on the bright side: now you know someone likes you for you. Happy Non-Commercial Day of Unknown True Origin!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gr. Wednesdays.

Alright, Wednesdays are the days school starts 1/2 an hour later than usual. I can never remember that. So this morning, apparently my parents didn't remember either. Gr.

I woke up at 5:30, went back to sleep. Was woken up at 6 again, went back to sleep at 6:19. (See where I'm headed? I'm not a morning person unless it's not a school morning. Even on Snow Days where I'm unaware that it's a Snow Day yet, my subconscious has its little alarm go off in my brain until I go get some cereal, which I never eat before school. Insane.) Anyway, I woke up at 7 eventually, and didn't realize that I could have actually gone to sleep again until about 7:45 before I had to start getting ready for school. (Amazing how little time I spend on my appearance. I feel as though I'm a shameful poke in the eye to every girl who wakes up hours ahead of time just to get every hair sprayed in place with a super-strong gel, then spends the rest of her time making sure each eyelash gets its own coating of mascara to avoid clumping.)

Anyway, I wound up dragging myself to the door to see my mother walking over, freaking out at me for probably almost certainly making myself late again--though I haven't been late this term yet, and was only late a couple times last term. (Alright, I was late 5 times total, 3 of which were NOT my fault and two of which should have been excused but somehow weren't!) So I skipped almost everything I usually do to get ready, I just brushed my teeth, put in contacts, threw on headbands and a long-sleeved t-shirt ad left. My dad could have gotten a speeding ticket if a cop had stopped him on the way to my school. Thankfully, I have very good car Karma (car-ma?) and there were no cruisers in sight. I wound up walking in the door wondering why everyone was standing around in the commons instead of heading to class, when all of a sudden I thought to myself: It's Wednesday. Frick.

I knew there was a reason the world hates Wednesdays, besides the odd spelling. What's the worst day of the week in your opinion? (Explain why. Please don't steal my explanation or I'll be forced to sue you. Also, "frick" is my word, and mayn't be used without written/typed consent. Thank you.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Additions to the List

Alright, three additions to the list:

9) Having a lisp (seriously, who's idea was it to put an "S" in "lisp" anyway? How cruel. Example: "I have a lithp." "What?" "I have a lithp." "Wait, you have a what???" "I have a freaking lithp, okay??? A LITHP!!!!!" Honestly, some speech impediment namer has really got to be ashamed of himself.) **Thanks to Chels, for this addition to the list!**

8) Peeing your pants, and trying to act all cool about it despite the fact that everyone knows you did anyway. **Yet another thanks to Chles!**

7) Being an idiot. Everyone knows you are, but you use big words to try to fool them, and it doesn't work. **Thanks to Kinz for this one!**

6) The fact that you are a zombie. (ZDL, your time has come!!! ...NOT!!!!!!!! hahahaha... Only on friend will actually get this inside joke. I shall not explain.)

Yeah, there're a few more open spots. Tell me if you want to add one, but if not, just tell me something strange that's happened to you lately so I can create a new post based on random inspirations not involving lists. Thanks!!! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Olives are a Fruit. All Fruits are Vegetables; not ALL veggies are fruits.

That title has nothing to do with anything, I just figured you'd like to know. You may also wish to know that what we call "fire" is merely a clever illusion.... OK, not really. But it doesn't exist. It's simply a product of a chemical reaction between energy and Carbon dioxide. Don't I sound all scientific? :)

Anyway, my true purpose is writing an incomplete list of the "35 Hardest Things to Cover Up" that a friend of mine and I started quite a while ago and never finished, but it's funny anyway. Some are her ideas, some are mine. If you'd like to add to the incomplete numbers on the list, please do tell me in a comment. Greatly appreciated, smiles for all of you! :) *note: anything in parenthesis is an added comment of mine, except in the case of #14, #28, and #27!!!!!

35. Being pregnant.
34. Eating the very last blue-raspberry popsicle. (because it stains your teeth, tongue and mouth area blue--but so worth it!)
33. Being more than just slightly obese.
32. Graphite stains. (From where your pencil won't erase off your page.)
31. Ugly carpets. (Because they're usually covering up stains, graphite or otherwise.)
30. burning eggs. (I've done this uncountable times--never been caught yet.)
29. Lysol/Clorox after-smells.
28. Giant neon signs. (in the dark)
27. Giant neon signs. (in the light)
26. Dating a nerd.
25. Eating meat when you say you're a vegetarian.
24. A spot on your wall where you threw a Sharpie. (been there, done that. Duct Tape does NOT help!)
23. The fact that you DIDN'T make it into college.
22. Being married.
21. NOT being married.
20. that place on your t-shirt where you dribbled cherry slushie. (man, now I want one, dang it!)
19. A flaming birthday cake.
18. Being eaten by a shark/wildebeast/prehistoric ice lemur.
17. If you stole ~~~~~~~~~'s (sorry, had to block my name out there!) list--*cough*some friends of mine*cough*
16. If you have a huge pimple on your nose that WON'T GO AWAY! (Never had that issue, thank goodness!)
15. Finding a dinosaur bone.
14. The fact that you're gay--"Hello, fabulous!" (Not mine, most definitely my friend's idea!)
13. The fact that you're a transvestite. (Also not mine.)
12. An enormous black eye.
11. ****************************************** (this one was a little too odd to list on my blog. Leaving it at that. Don't ask, I won't tell you anything.)
10. covering a redwood tree with a washcloth or towel. (Have you seen those trees? They're HUGE!!!!!)
9. Liking country music.
8. (nothing was here)
7. (or here)
6. (still nothing)
5. (nope)
4. (nada)
3. (more nothing)
2. (and yet more nothing)
1. Killing someone!

There you have it. A brilliant list, no? If you'd like to add something, only the spots 2-9 are available, and I've already got a few offers on them! Leave a comment to leave your mark on this amazing list! :)

All additions will be revealed in a later post. Good Luck!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wooo! Groundhogs!!!

Happy Groundhog Day! And you know, I think I'll celebrate hedgehogs today as well. All in the hog family, you know? :)

Today is also my parents kind-of anniversary. I can never remember their actual date of marriage, so I just tell them Happy Anniversary today. (Because today is the day that my dad asked my mom to marry him--because he couldn't wait for Valentine's Day to ask. I like this day better anyway, it's much more original.) So, because I'm writing this the day BEFORE Groundhog's Day and just setting it to post itself at the exact moment the celebration begins, I have no clue if little furry Pete or Patches or Gary, or whatever that little Groundhog's name is, saw his shadow. My prediction on the remainder of winter though, is that more winter weather is on the way, though probably not 6 weeks of it. Your prediction? Your new name for what's-his-face in Punxsutawney, PA? Your rant-lettes about the movie "Groundhog Day" and all the other movies that have ripped off the basic plot? TELL ME IN A COMMENT! (Wow, this makes the top 5 list of the shortest posts I've ever written.)