Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Christmasness. n.
1. Being of the Christmas spirit, feeling, or nature.
"I'm so full of Christmasness right now!"
2. Snowy/gift-buying weather.
"The air was thick with the Christmasness that took over every year."
3. That one feeling where it's pure and happy and sweet, but not like candy, more like when you're little and making a wish on a star or you're about to open that really big present on your birthday--the feeling that is before Christmas itself, but is everything that Christmas should be.
"Christmasness lit up every face with a bright smile, in spite of lost credit cards, tantrum-throwing children, and stores that ran out of what you wanted right before you got there."


Obviously something is on my mind... can you guess?


Or rather, not Christmas itself, but ChristmasNESS, the meaning of which is displayed above in lovely Webster Form. Please, enlighten yourself to the third definition if you haven't already, so you know what I mean.

Christmas is just the best time of the year, of course, but not for the holiday itself. I love the feeling and the smiles and when you hand someone a card or gift and they are your best friend for just a minute, because you made their day that much better. I'm addicted to that way people take a gift and open it and you have that moment of "Wow, I'm so glad I thought of them, and now we're all happy" that fades so slowly, never quite going, like how glow sticks always seem to glow in the dark for months after.

My Christmas List is pretty short this year:

~socks (cute ones, fuzzy, or toe-socks, or with a pattern on them that's crazy and different)
~gift cards (for music or books)
~snow, every morning (6 am-8 am) and midnight-2 am from December 18 'til New Years or a few days after. Maybe not every day, but enough snow to make a snow-person-sculpture-garden and snow angels on my roof to watch the snowing stars until white cream clouds cover them.

That's all! Not a lot to ask for. Just that last one may be a tiny bit harder to get than the other two. Not like you can go to eBay and order up a miniature blizzard every for three weeks. Wish I could--that would be the perfect gift for everyone! (Seriously, Lake Eerie is RIGHT THERE, why hasn't it snowed, even a sugar-dusting over? Enough to stick to trees and turn them into ice-coated spills of ink up in the sky, make the houses and mailboxes cry silver tears that freeze and are stolen by little hands--I miss icicles! I miss snow flakes and ice skating and walking for miles to come home for hot chocolate or soup or coffee after a day with friends!)

Christmas carols are sad and wonderful at once somehow. I love them, I can sing along and laugh and they're lovely. I need to be baking though, otherwise it's just my voice and the radio and there's something empty in there. I like Christmas carols that fill up Christmasness, complete it, but some of them are too processed to do that, they only detract.

History is a bad class, bad teacher, can't stand it. I don't know why I hate history so much. But I do. That's just something that popped into my head for some reason--probably because I have to type a paper and write fifteen flash cards, and I'm procrastinating. I meant to take care of all that this past weekend, but instead I went shopping and bought things for friends.

I love Christmas!


Christmas n.

1. The annual Christian festival celebrating Christ's birth, held on December 25.
"I love Christmas!"
2. The period immediately before or after December 25.
"We had guests over Christmas."

exclamation, informal
3. Expressing surprise, dismay, or despair.
"Christmas! I forgot my glasses in Russia!"


So many definitions.

Alright. I'm officially ending this post.

Merry Christmas (ten days early) to all, and to all a good night!

PS: I am singing a solo for chorus. :l Good or bad, goodorbad? I can't decide. It's paid for, but I may withdraw, especially if anyone in any of the choir ensembles finds out. If people have to watch me and I fail, I'll die, especially when they say I did well and I'll know they're lying. The piece is Ave Maria by Schubert, which is good because I love that song. Must go practice that... and do homework... and take cold medicine... and maybe get more than five hours of sleep tonight. Yay insomnia. :) (Kinda.)