Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Have Amnesia

I was reminded of amnesia by a book last night, and decided to blog as though I was suffering a bout of amnesia myself. Following the three little stars I shall out will be the blog post of a person with amnesia who can't remember over 2.5 mins ago. Good Luck reading it!

*   *   *

I have amnesia, which I've been told has given me a slight case of ADD. I wonder why.... You know "why" has no vowels in it, unless you count "y" as a vowel, which it is only sometimes. I wonder what the reasoning behind that is. If I was the letter "y" I'd complain that I should be paid overtime to do the work that "i" and "e" were too lazy to do--isn't it a full enough job being a consonant already? I mean really....

I have amnesia, which has been giving me some complicated ADD issues. Peanut Butter Cups sound good right now. But not the name-brand kind, I want some slightly off kind. Well, maybe that isn't a good idea, I heard that peanut butter can give you salmonella. Although I thought that just came from under-cooked meat and raw eggs. Maybe it's from ll forms of protein. Or maybe someone will jump out in a few seconds and shout "April Fools!!!"....

I have amnesia. What a funny feeling, I'll tell you. Whoops, looks like I already did. (I just read what I wrote before. The word "whoops" reminds me of one one my favorite movies ever. I wish I could just remember what it's called. It has Hugh Grant in it. Him and his amazing accent, oh gosh, it's really an AMAZING accent....)

I have amnesia. Frick, I already told you that didn't I? Why can't I stop ranting?!?!?! Must have something to do with this ADD I mentioned before, but I've momentarily forgotten what that is....

I have amnesia, and ADD, what ever that's supposed to be. OOOO, What's that button do? "Publish Post"... Both those words start with the same letter, how odd. I wonder why people.... Hey, have you ever noticed that the letter "y" is only a vowel SOMETIMES? Don't you think it deserves better recognition than that? I bet being a consonant is hard enough  without adding the trouble of vowels in as well....

Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Post!!!

This post really has no point to it. So I shall rant aimlessly until I come to a sudden halt and hit the "Publish Post" button. On with my rant-lettes.

If you're reading this as an anonymous person, you should really get an account--it's sometimes fun to say stuff, like now. But of course I won't force anyone to blog, because that would defeat the purpose, kind of the same way sugar-free candy defeats the purpose of eating candy in the first place. What do people eat when they feel bad besides candy? I don't get hungry often when I'm upset, but most people I know have what they refer to as their "comfort food". These foods are somewhere in the categories of cake mix, pancakes with the most fatty syrup available, pretzels (only the window-shaped ones, though I prefer the round ones you find in Chex Mix--YUM, I love Chex Mix! wish I had some now, but then again I wouldn't eat it over the keyboard because I hate the little crumbs that get stuck between the keys when OTHER people eat over it) with peanut butter, and some other stuff I don't quite recall with minimal thought. You know what's weird? People who say "I could care less." They usually mean "I COULDN'T care less", but for some reason they are too lazy to say the extra syllable. Because if you meant that you couldn't care less but then you say you could care less, it means you DO care to some degree, right? On the other hand, maybe the person meant what they said after all. Oh my gosh, so many people are so STUPID!!! A ton of people at my school drink and use drugs and illegal substances (thankfully no one I'm super close to though. I don't think.) and they get caught, and then they go do whatever they want anyway! People just go and RUIN their lives for no reason, where did the Earth's sense go?!?!?!

This went on for quite a while now. I shall leave it as is and hit post.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kinz's Hair and One Bowl Brownies

Yep, I totally stole this title from one of my BFF's blog titles. ( it for a reference. very cool.) However, this is about her hair and brownies, unlike her post which happened to be about my hair and brownies. Entirely different, am I right? No, I didn't think so either.

Anyway, I'll talk about the brownies first. I went to Kroger (it's so cold out I had to have my dad drive me--it was TWELVE BELOW ZERO out. Probably lower by now.). I bought a pack of Low-Fat brownie mix. (My ethics won't let me use product placement, even where it doesn't matter, so I will not tell you the brand. If you guess, I will still not tell you.) I came home to make said brownies, and realized I did not have the Low-Fat kind, but instead the regular kind from the same brand, which turns out they have less calories, less fat, more mix, and bigger serving sizes anyway. Go figure. They are baking at the moment and I am praying I have not missed the timer and that they are not burning.

Now on to more important matters: Kinsey's hair. Somehow in the lunch line today, we were discussing moving to Texas. I have no clue why. (Because it's warm? Because it's far away? Help me here Kinz!!!) Anyway, I said no we can't move to Texas, that's right by the Golf of Mexico where people smuggle in drugs, and they'll plant our purses and socks with ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES!!!!! And this led to a few other aspects of that discussion that I now only remember a few vague parts of and I won't rack my mind for every little detail anyway--because I could, I just don't want to. And now I have fully realized that my friend Kinsey's awesome curly hair is so distractingly perfect and bouncy and fun to mess with that that is the reason she never gets into trouble--her hair catches the attention of whoever caught her doing something evil and they couldn't focus well enough to stop her until she got away. OF COURSE!!! Either that, or she is truly the saint-like image of perfection that everyone--including myself--believes she is. Darn it, all my friends have to be better than me, don't they?!?!?! Haha, kidding. (About me being upset that is--of course you are all a billion-kajillion and 8.75 times more wonderful than myself, it goes without saying.) Oh, frick it, I forgot the brownies!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Theory

Alright, as promised here is my theory of what trees do in their spare time. It is nowhere near as wonderful as the ones my friends came up with, so if you're disappointed I understand. But hey, mine comes with a CARTOON!!! :)

I firmly believe that in addition to what my two friends have posted as their own theories, trees use their spare time knitting random clothing items for people lost in the wild.

Gah, FRICK!!!! It didn't work!!!! Now you all can totally laugh at me, I don't care. :(

Friday, January 2, 2009

What do Trees do in their spare time?

If you bothered to read the title of this post, you know what I'm wondering (and don't ask why I'm wondering--I have no clue, except it may have something to do with orange juice and Google and oatmeal bars that taste like strawberries and I really don't know) and if you DIDN'T read the title, you should probably do that right now because that's what friends are for. Also, you perhaps may have an answer, which I'd appreciate very much. Or you mayn't (that is MY WORD, you may NOT-NOT-NOT use it!!! IT IS COPYRIGHTED!!!!!!!! yes that is selfish. I am trying not to care.) have a clue at all. I only have a vague idea, but that will not be revealed at this time. I may include a cartoon to explain my idea thoroughly. I mayn't though, so I also encourage you to say your own idea, which will likely create a better picture in your mind than my explanation.

Why did I decide to write this? I don't know. What is it that trees do in their spare time? I don't know. Why am I posting these question up, only to answer them myself? I HAVE NO CLUE!!!!!! Now, please, nice sane readers, answer the tree question and I'll pretend to be sane again.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Whoa... It's 2009...

Happy New Year readers of this blog!!! (I wrote this before hand so you can read it when it makes sense.) Now, one thing I hope you all realized and took into careful consideration about 2009 is that This was the LAST year anyone can buy those kinda dorky glasses you wear on New Year's with the 2 zeros for eyes. (Since 2000, people've been taking for granted that the year has 2 zeros right next to each other, allowing comfortable, slightly unfashionable eyewear.) As next year is 2010, you won't be able to wear them anymore!!! I can't choose if that's good or bad....

Who knows, maybe we'll all miss the glasses and wish we had a pair in 2010. In fact, I am missing them a little right now....

All I'm saying is, give the glasses a chance people!!! Happy 2009 to you all!