Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hope I Don't Get in Trouble...

Okay I'm going to just say this: this post will discuss abortion. If you know what that is and you want to leave, you probably already have. If you don't know what that is, I suggest you either:

a) click back to where you came from. (for readers under 13)

or b) decide whether you really WANT to know and base your choice on that. (everyone else)

Abortion is typically a very taboo subject, but I feel the need to know exactly how other people feel about killing babies. YES abortion is REMOVING and thus MURDERING a living, breathing, feeling human baby inside you (well... inside a pregnant woman). As I love all people, I am against abortion even in the cases of rape/incest, because taking a human life is wrong under any circumstances, as it is not the fetus's fault that a woman is pregnant with him or her. What brings this up is the election of the new President of the USA, who will be chosen on Nov. 4 this year. I don't know if you know who Obama and McCain are, but in short: Obama will legalize abortion. McCain is against it and will try to save children who's mothers wish to remove them from life before taking their first breath. I tried to make this as little opinionated as possible, but I may have failed. Tell me what you think anyway, 'cuz I'd like to know how much of the world is in a similar mindset as me!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Epiphany of a Hippie

Yep, my idea to be dead Snow White was cool, except for that the only costume of her I could find didn't come with a wig and was freaking $85!!!!! Alright, I exaggerated a little bit. It was only $84.99. But you get the picture. And it didn't even come with a wig!!! So I bought a MUCH cheaper hippie costume instead, and it was SOOO much more fun than being a princess! (I went to a Halloween party.) Moving on....

Okay, if you actually bothered to read the title, you'll be wondering what my epiphany was. If you aren't wondering, than you didn't read my title and so GO READ IT RIGHT NOW!!! Anyway, my epiphany was truly amazing, and cleared up what I thought was to be a lifetime of confusion. The word "extraordinary" (mean very special, wonderful, amazing, beyond expectations, etc.) has been a serious source of befuddlement for me for quite some time now, due to its word parts being "extra" and "ordinary", as in "especially" "normal", which is the opposite of its meaning, right? So then I started thinking about latin prefixes/suffixes/roots etc., and it hit me in a way that made me literally gasp in front of my science class (but in a quiet way so no one heard) that "ex" means NOT, or OUT OF and "tra" would be THE and "ordinary" is "normal", so it literally means OUT OF THE NORM!!!!! : )

 There's my brilliant literary analysis of the week, as of Thursday, October 23rd in the year 2008 ad. Which I bet very few of you know stands for anno domini, NOT "after death" what on Earth anno domini means, I have no clue. You tell me please!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This Almost Makes Me MAD!!!

Okay, so originally I wanted to be a hippie for Halloween, right? Then I decided to be something scary-ish for once, and I decided to be a vampire. But that was so boring, and I enjoy being original, so I decided to be Snow White. But the prince never came and got stalker-ish-ly obsessed with her to the point that he wished to transport her dead body down a mountain after buying her off those poor dwarves, so I'm a dead Snow White. (Very few people know that the Brother's Grimm original--man I use that word a ton-- Snow White story didn't involve Snow White being kissed after eating the apple. It just kind of fell out of her mouth as they were carrying her down the mountain. And the ultra-ancient version has Snow White and her sister Rose Red featured in several OTHER adventurous happenings first, so Snow White was obviously a phony princess, thus nearly justifying the wicked stepmother's actions.)

Anyway, I thought I was very clever for thinking of that until I Googled it and it turns out a SIX YEAR OLD was dead Snow White LAST year. Grrr. Hence, my almost-anger. So maybe if i can't find a Snow White dress and wig, I'll get a gown and be Rapunzel. My hair's certainly long enough! (Close anyway--nearly to my waist.)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bet You Don't Know THIS!!!

Calling all moderately smart people--if you found this site without help from a 10-chapter instruction manual, then CONGRATULATIONS, today you fit under the category of "moderately smart"! : I want to know if you can solve this riddle. I'll post the answer once I get at least three responses. Go ahead, TRY!!! : D

A man, angry at the world, turns out the light and goes to bed. The next morning, he wakes up, reads the newspaper, and commits suicide. Why?

OK, I know you're gonna have plenty of questions, so ask yes-or-no questions if you want. Googling the answer DOESN'T COUNT!