Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Have No Appropriate Title to Suit This Post

This is an update post only. Nothing much interesting here. So if you want a quick little overview type thing, just read what's in bold and italics.

~The tree should be named Paul Dano, just 'cuz he's the best.

~I love the bands "Jimmy Eat World" and "Social Distortion". Look them up.

~I bought socks and tic tacs at Walmart. The socks are for a friend and a extremely cute, and I shan't say more (yup, I really did just use the word "shan't" and I couldn't care less what you think, no offense you know.) because that may ruin everything. The tic tacs are cherry flavored and VVVEEERRRYYY yummy. :)

~I got a Facebook after I decided I'd just have to face my fear of becoming addicted to it. And guess what? After 3 weeks, I'm still not addicted to Facebook!!! (But I AM addicted to the Superflair function. Facebook users, BEWARE!!!!! Ha ha ha, I seriously love that application more than almost anything else on Facebook.)

~I didn't get the new Maximum Ride novel from Walmart, even though I so wanted it so much I thought I'd DIE, so I'm getting my brother to drive me tomorrow, which is when I shall finally buy it. YAY!!!

Alrighty then, that's all for tonight. But before I sigh off, here's a quick little shout-out thingy to some awesome people: Happy Birthday to Kia, Kinz, Chels, and anyone else who's bday isn't really today but has occurred already or shall this year! (If you birthday is today on the other hand, that's just tough luck for you!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


OK, I have read all of Romeo and Juliet multiple times, and I have concluded:

a) it is a dirty play with too many sex jokes.

b) Romeo is a stalker. (Really, how did he know which room was Juliet's?)

c) Shakespeare was almost as sarcastic as I am.

d) The whole thing is Susan's fault.

Even so, Susan is my favorite character. A friend and I now have plans to name our English teacher's tree Susan. I think it'll work OK. Who wouldn't want a small houseplant named after one of Shakespeare's greatest (in my opinion) characters? : )