Monday, August 25, 2008

"Ah, What a Tangled Web we Weave...

...when we first practice to decieve." William Shakespeare. Did he really come up with it, or was it someone else working under a pseudonym as a name then a guy with that name came forward and took credit for everything the true author wrote? Okay, that's really NOT the question I meant to ask. I'll try again:

What does that quote mean? Does it mean we are entirely caught up in our own lies from birth? Or is it something beyond us and all we recognize: a system of complicated misinterpretations that existed before time itself, thus inevitably trapping us forever in a world where up could be down, and what's there is now over here? Is it all our fault, or are the cosmic senses of the universe aligned against us so that we can never run from distorting the truth?

I have no answer, only theories. Mine are far too long to read and understand, they are things you have to see for yourself. Unless you're theories are as hopeless as mine, or else you're too caught up in your own web of lies (or the universe's, w/e), please tell me about YOUR thoughts. I'm curious....

Friday, August 15, 2008

If I'm a Band Geek, What are You?

Some of the people who regularly read my blog (and I'm sure NO ONE does, but whatever) I'd like to explain my absence. I am in marching band for my Highschool, and as a frosh (freahman) I have to participate in "Band Camp" (oh gosh, it sounds just as nerdy to type as to think and say, ew) and learn to march, and play our fight song, and be entirely in step with everyone else. So my long 13-hours-a-day/5-days-a-week schedule has kept me just tired enough that I haven't stayed in touch. But I will now become a regular blogger, even if it's just 15 secs of typing while waiting for an email or whatever. Or maybe I'll try posting once a week, because that should be easy to remember.

Which reminds me: Thanks to Avian Fang, who reminded me I was at Band Camp instead of on the computer! Because really, I barely remembered WHAT i'd done last week!

Also, I'd like to give you guys a link to something REALLY cool. If you look at it, tell me what you think!

Comments are appreciated, all will be answered!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Among my Other Hippie-Like Tendancies...

OK, tonight I was eating a deliciously AWESOME granola bar and I noticed that among your typical nutritionary facts there was a phrase that said "Flavored with Other Natural Flavors". Wow,who knew that the natural flavors of granola had to be ENHANCED chemically by OTHER flavors JUST so it still tastes like granola? I sure didn't! Kind of scary to think what sort of junk they put in foods anyway. What meat ARE hot-dogs? What is SPAM (please, don't say spinach-ham or junk email)? And honestly, do we WANT to know how they get those powdery cheese flavorings onto Dorritos and Cheetos? I'm not sure if i really do...

In other news: I am going to be a hippie for Halloween, then if my hair is well enough pat my elbows (it almost is) I will give a whole ton of hair to Locks of Love! I will be SO happy! Even though I will miss my hair...

So if you have any stories about hippies, the 70s, or hair (bad hair days, good hair days, long hair, no hair, whatever) feel free to share in a comment! I'll count it as an early Halloween present!