Saturday, April 17, 2010

I've got the Sun in the Morning and the Moon at Night

I should be cleaning right now.... But I'm not. Obviously.

Not because I'm lazy, but because I DID clean the bathroom today, durig which time I managed to stick my foot to the floor with Windex. Yeah, I didn't know it was possible either!! And also, I've just felt pretty bad letting this page gather cyber dust and followers I never knew I had... Hi you people out there! Nice to see you!

Blah blah blah.... Don't have a lot of interesting things on my mind right now. Except for lemons. Lemon flavored candy is soooo good, and I've only ever had two pieces of lemon flavored candy in my life, and I want one really badly right now. :) The hard candy kind, because gummy candy is nice and all, but not really if it's of the lemon variety. Unless it's a Skittle, and I won't get into my Skittles OCD right now. (remind me for a later post)

Anyway, I figured I may as well let you know I haven't died yet and I love lemon candy.

Did anyone notice that spectacular music thingy I put to the right ove there? I have "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera on it because:

a) it reminds me I need to see the last 5-7 minutes of the movie and
b) I was going to sing that song to audition for my high school's best choir. But of course I'm really nervous, and also I've got a new song I may sing, and I just don't even know if I can try out for it I'm so anxious. I mean, thus is why I don't even vlog--I am way to shy for a camera! So how can I be a member of a group that sings and dances spectacularly if I can't even sing in the shower is other people are home?

Enough of my prattling on about that. At any rate, you all should check out It has tons of free music available to play right from the Internet, and you can create your own little Widget dealio like that one I have. I'm planning to add more music soon, and I'll put on some of my favorite They Might Be Giants and Police and BNL songs. And Nick Drake, if I can find any!!!

Seriously, look up Nick Drake on Google if you don't know him. I. LOVE. him. So if you for some reason are a goofy turtle and don't want to stalk Nick Drake, don't tell me. Just look him up, love him, and watch the movie "Serendipity" with John Cusak (I mean, he's in it, you don't have to watch the movie WITH HIM) because they play a ton of Nick Drake songs. Also, if you've ever seen "The Blind Side" (recently out on DVD), it opens with a cover of a Nick Drake song that is almost halfway decent (which doesn't make it sound like it's good, but it is. Just not spendiferous or phenominal.).

So you have your homework now... Class Dismissed! :)

PS: Nick Drake is dead, so you can't stalk him anyway. Besides, he'd be MY bff only if he WERE alive. :)