Thursday, July 9, 2009


I will now proceed to tell a few random things about myself.

I don't know if I've told you before, but some of my dreams have a habit of coming true. Maybe you remember the Stone-Lab-Slideshow-Dream Incident?? I dreamt that the teacher took a picture of people playing frisbee among some large trees, and that the one person (name not to be mentioned) was running into a tree, and there I was in the background, blurry, but recognizable by my bright pink jacket, and the picture was in a slideshow at the end of the year--and I told all of the people present about this dream, so they can vouch for me if anyone thinks I'm crazy. And it came true.

2. I enjoy creating acronyms. Some may recall "T.O.A.S.T. (Teens Offering A Supply of Toasters) for France", which was my charity idea so that French people could have toast. Because my French teacher told me that it is exceedingly rare for French people to eat sliced bread. So maybe if they all had toasters, they'd buy sliced bread. At the time I came up with this acronym, I had been having an obsessive craving for toast which has mostly passed at the present time.

3. I want a winter home in Alaska--and please, don't tell me that the 19 straight hours of darkness will depress me, or I'll die due to lack of Vitamin D, because I will make sure to eat lots of broccoli and I love the stars, so 19 hours is plenty of time for star-gazing. I'll love it, truly. Plus, does anyone else just feel more alive, and vividly awake at night? In the dead of the darkness with no one else around and everything is still and all you can think is that the world could have ended and it would feel no different from this? There is something strange and interesting about nighttime that I love very much.

4. I have a Christmas list forming in my mind at this very moment. No that is NOT wrong, it's not like it's January! It's JULY people! Think of CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!! Anyway, here's my immediate list:

- a real evergreen tree, not the fake one from our basement, to hang ornaments on
- spearmint candy canes, because they taste better than peppermint
- mandolin, because I've been wanting one for almost 2 years now
- a job, so that I can make money without knitting (which gets vvvvveeeerrrryyyy old, very fast)
- gift cards for iTunes and Barnes&Noble, because I love both music and books. Lots and lots of books. And music.

Alright, I guess that's all I'm willing to divulge at the present. Maybe I'll do this again sometime. Tell me your thoughts on my thoughts!! :)

PS: That was me, subtly hint-hint-hinting to LEAVE A COMMENT!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! (And you know I know who you are. And I know you know I know who you are. And you know I know you know I know who you are....)


Chelsea said...

yeah i agree there is something eerily beautiful and strange about nighttime. i guess cuz at night ur not blinded by the sun so you can see what the universe actually looks like at night, and you also get a better sense of just how big the universe is and how small you are in comparison. and plus in alaska u can see the aurora borealis which i hear is pretty sweet :)

already_in_the_air said...

I know!! I totally have wanted to see it ever since my parents wouldn't let me stay up to see it when I was six or something.... They said it was only green anyway, which is the one you can see if you are far enough north to only see the very very end-bits of the farthest reaching Northern Lights. I wonder if there are Southern Lights???

Chelsea said...

yeah there are, they're the aurora australis in antarctica

deranged_cheese said...

hey i just thought of something! remember when we had that list of fun stuff to do at walmart? do you still have it?

p.s. i got my hair dyed xD

already_in_the_air said...

Cool, what color?? And yeah, I may have it in that old folder of mine... I can check if I can find my backpack.... Why do you ask?

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