Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day (not the movie!)

OK, I know you all must think I'm seriously depressed or messed up or something after my last post, and I haven't written in a while, I have not been very inspired. But today is July Fourth. A year ago, I was in Virginia, REMEMBER? :) At the time, almost an exact year ago (it will be exactly ONE YEAR in approximately eight hours or something, I'll have to check...), I was typing on the computer in my cousin's room and listening to my uncle tell my little cousins all about the Declaration of Independence, etc. etc. It was nice. I miss them, wish I could have gone again this summer, 'cuz there's a NEW little cousin now, her name is Julia Elizabeth. Not to be said together or anything, but the names Julia and Elizabeth sound so nice together I think I'll call her that until she's old enough to ask me to stop.

What I miss most about VA, besides my family, is probably shopping with my cousins' cousin who was about my age. And seeing that GUY. (Yes, yes, THAT one, if you know who I'm talking about, good for you! If not, you probably weren't meant to know....) Oooh, I'd travel twelve hours with my brother and sister and parents all talking in the car if he'd still be there. I seriously would. And for those of you who have met my sister at her worst, you know that means a whole lot more than you could interpret if you HAVEN'T met my sister at her worst. So yeah, it basically means I'd accept death than never see HIM again.... :) Strong words coming from me, you all know. Too bad though, I have to stay stuck where I am. Play tennis. Plan evil obnoxious outings. Make fun of lame movies. Wonder why Global Warming has caused all the bugs to virtually disappear for this summer--seriously, what's the deal??

Anyway, my rambling on has gone on forever now, and I'm much much better than my previous post, thanks to everyone, you guys are my friends for a reason. :) (Yes I still miss him; no not HIM-HIM, see my last post if you're confused about who I'm talking about.)