Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Alright, end of school coming up.... In like two days. This is so without warning! How on Earth can the administration expect me to say good-bye to all my lovely friends when all anyone's worried about is EXAMS EXAMS EXAMS??? There's no way. So I'll say so here:

Good-bye everyone! I had a wonderful year with you, I love you all, miss you so much already, I'll send postcards, Bon Voyage, etc. etc.!!!

The Seniors have the perfect way to say good-bye to everyone though. They just pass out zillions of their senior photos--Prom pics, concert pics, year book/club photos, professional casuals, head shots, full-body shots, cool and quirky and making-me-nostalgic, 'cuz whatever Senior gives me a photo, I know I can never know them and all their perfect memories or their sad ones, so I just read the note and say "Thanks, good luck, congrats, etc. etc.". But you know what? No matter WHO it is, whether they know me all that well or not, their notes start out the same:

"Cat: You are so sweet! You're really nice, such a good person, even if you're really really quiet! Good luck with the rest of High School, Have fun, I'll miss you!

Your friend,
(enter name of Senior here)"

 Sweet? Me? Really? The quiet thing I get, but am I really SWEET? Like a cough drop, I'd guess. Kind of bitter with an off-flavor. Not that I'm ungrateful. I really think those people are so wonderful to take their time and pretty-colored pens just to write me a little farewell. I will not complain further.

One last thought before I go: "wonderFUL" means FULL of wonder; "grateFUL" means FULL of grate (i.e., appreciation); however "awFUL" does NOT mean FULL of aw/awe--it means pretty much the opposite. Explain THAT to me satisfactorily, if you can. Just try, this one honestly has me flummoxed. And flummoxFUL. Yep, that would mean FULL of flummox.


Anonymous said...

this is what i think people should write in their notes

cat! your mind needs to be preserved like Einstein's because you function on such a strange amazing level that i can't even imagine the amesomeness! i seriously hope that you become famous and that when you do, and i ask you for your autograph, you don't write "kinsey- You are so sweet! You're really nice, such a good person, even if you're really really quiet! Good luck with the rest of your life. have fun!
your friend,
the almighty, all powerful, more famouser than you, and only cat"

that would just make me sad =(

anyway,that is what it think people should write to you. =)

Bella said...

OK, sorry - this is not a fun comment, but here goes:-

Awful does indeed make the viewer full of awe - just not in a good way. :) Does this also mean baleful is full of bales? (Old English for bail). If so, make mine hay, not straw.