Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm a Pisces

I'm a Pisces. I've been reading about my Zodiac-star-sun-sign thing or whatever, Pisces, and I just like how it's a 99.99999999999% perfect match for me! I wonder if it's just a coincidence. But it's an awful lot of coincidences... like the stone "Moonstone" somehow connects to Pisces (love moon stones!), and "sea green" is one of my favorite colors and also connecting (maybe you've heard my rants, maybe not...), and I am slightly artistically inclined in the way of music and art and literature, and I do find my personality to be rather that of an "old soul" like the sign describes--not at all that I'm a decrepit elderly person, but in the way that I was born in the wrong time. (I will thank Chels and others to keep their opinions to themselves on the statement that I should have been born in the Victorian era!!!)

Apparently Pisces enjoy gift-giving (without preference to receiving anything back, just like me), daydreaming (who remembers when I was so zoned out I stopped breathing--yes, I am expecting raised hands on this one!), and need to be grounded by their friends personalities based on their friends Zodiac-star-sun-sign things. I guess this means I have to go find some Gemini, Leo, and Taurus friends you guys! See you! Nah, I'm totally happy to be all me and I love my friends!!! Miss you all!

But seriously, please check out these sites and tell me it isn't... ME.

Really, what's the likeliness?!? I can't believe it, but it HAS to be more than coincidence, after all my parents never told me anything about "New Age" culture and whatnot. But I don't really believe in it anyway. I just love fish--especially in the form of Sushi! :) Ooo, wait... is that to be considered cannibalism?

Side note: we are in the age of the Pisces Zodiac sign until the year 2051! Woohoo! Here's to another 32 years of fish! :)


Avian Fang said...

Now are you Pisces by personality traits alone or also by birthday.

For me I am Pisces both ways and I defiantly understand what you mean with the "old soul" thing. I defiantly should have been born in either the medieval age or 50s so I could be a teen in the 60s and
1. Be a hippie.
2. Watch Rock n Roll become what it is now.

I am also musically inclined (I think) because I can play piano, violin, and guitar.

Hmm I never looked at zodiacs before but this is kind of interesting. Granted because of my birthday I might not even be a Pisces. (I am born depending on where you look the last day of Pisces or the first day of Aquarius.)

I am not sure actually what this comment is about so sorry if it is a bit of a ramble.

Fly on. Fly free,

Avian Fang

already_in_the_air said...

Rambling's cool, and if you could be two parts of the Zodiac, I don't think it matters, it's all just for fun! :)

(But I say stay away from saying you're an Aquarius.)


deranged_cheese said...

what do you mean keep my opinions to myself? whatever. but seriously sometimes cat i do think you should have been born in the Victorian era. if you had been i'm sure you would have been a famous author like emily dickinson or jane austen. sometimes i wish I had been born back then, but not much. you know, lack of women's rights and all that, and those corsets! gah! :P

aren't pisces also supposed to be more spiritual than the other zodiac?

already_in_the_air said...

Yep, I think. And please, the Victorian Era would kill me!! They'd burn me at the stake, or whatever the proper equivelant would have been for someone who can't keep their mouth shut once they think of the injustices of the world!!!

That's why I got stuck here, in a time where no one cares what anybody says, so it doesn't matter! :)


Anonymous said...

i think it's really ironic that everyone was supposed to be proper and whatnot and then they go around burning people at the stake? i mean, i guess we're not much better with the electric chair and all but at least we acknowledge that we are scum.

already_in_the_air said...

You make me laugh Kinz, you really do cheer me up quite often. :)

Anonymous said...

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