Saturday, August 8, 2009

HG 59507460 A

I figure, I haven't posted in a while, and it doesn't even matter that that last one didn't get any comments, I wasn't really looking for comments anyway. So I just might as well post something here.

Well, you can see the title of this post is rather nonsensical and odd. It is actually and truly the number that was on the front of a $5 bill I did not want to lose, so I just memorized the number on the front for identification purposes. I will always be able to recall the number of that $5 bill, I know....

This was a very short post. If you want to listen to me rant more, there are more posts below this one. Or you can just leave. Whatever.

I love the world, don't die anyone! :)


Avian Fang said...

Ello. I am sorry I don't comment as often as I should. I read your last post but I could not think of anything to say for some reason. Anyway I think it is kinda funny you know this $5 bill and it will be interesting to see how long you can go actually remembering this number.

already_in_the_air said...

I think I'll probably remember it forever. Unless I get hit on the head and get amnesia or something.

It's like... "HG" is "hug"... "595" is almost the first part of my old phone number "295"... "07" was two years ago... "460" is 5 (the average of 4 and 6) days after April Fool's Day in 2000 (as in "460" would be 4/6/00)... "A" is my last name's first letter initial.

HG 59507460 A. My thought process takes much longer to type out than it does to work out in my head.


PS: I don't mind having no comments, because I'm not really talking about anything overly interesting anyway, at the time being.

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