Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Finally, I get inspired to write a productive and thoughtful post! Or, so I think....

So at lunch, I just was thinking about how people choose sides to arguments, and they say "If you're not for me, you're against me", and people say "there are two sides to every story". Well, I disagree. There are certainly two sides to every story, but there are not ONLY two. The sides to any story, argument, opinion... are infinite. There are too many sides for anyone to be only on one side, or for any individual to get a whole side all to themselves.

The logic makes sense, I promise!! There are always going to be more view points, more opinions on opinions on opinions that overlap and run together and create what can only be called (for lack of a non-geometric-related term floating in my head at the moment) an n-gon. You know, like a pentagon, "pent" is five, or a heptagon, "hept" is seven. So on and so on. A shape that has not yet been given an identified number of sides is an "n-gon". "N" being a variable that has no specific value, as it could fluxuate (love that word!) and change at any moment. (Ha, who says you can't learn from me? This is excellent wisdom right here, even with a little bit of sense thrown in!)

So... the "n-gon" is the opinion, argument, subject-of-discussion.... And as such, there is NO END to the number of sides that you could take, that other people could take, there is too much information for one person to know, so they stick with what they have and turn anything that isn't into the opposite, causing the majorly mistaken conclusion to be drawn that the world actually IS black-and-white, good-and-bad, here-and-there, sofa or couch!! (Sorry, don't know where that last one came from. But it sounds nice there, I think I'll leave it.)

To restate for those of you who just skipped along down to the bottom of the post in hopes that I would talk about something else: you can't choose sides on anything. The world will always be just beyond your understanding. That's the way life goes.

It's so good to be back. :)


Avian Fang said...

keep posting, that was amazing. "n-gon" I like the idea. In a polygon though the angle is always (n-2)*180=the total number of angles in side the polygon.

My brain is on math so I am kinda crazy. It is fun though.

Fly on, Fly free,

Avian Fang

P.S Aita keep on posting your blog is vastly superior to my own you defiantly should keep it going.

already_in_the_air said...

That's a lie, my blog is superior only to ones that haven't been started yet. :)

But of course I'll keep posting! (You have too as well!)


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